Understanding your Natural

Psychic Skills

is within your grasp

Untapped abilities will hold you back in every part of your life from relationships to career propects…

Discover where you natural psychic skills lie and how to awaken them to use to benefit you every day of your life. So much of the finer senses we are born with get lost on the way finding out until it’s too late. We are encouraged to focus on what is fact and can be seen, from the earliest school years into adult life, the simple beauty of our heightened senses disappearing into a fog of logic and fact.

If we could all ‘see’ perhaps we would live in a world free of fear and pain, a life spent with a more carefree attitude using and exploring our sixth senses.

I am a great believer in developing everybody’s natural psychic abilities as I know this will help in life, dealing with emotional difficulties and challenges as they arrive. Psychic Power can achieve the direction in your life that may be missing.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama explains the vital need for all of us to
take responsibility for our future:
“In the present circumstances, no one can afford to assume that someone else will solve their problems. Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged.”
from “The Path to Tranquility: Daily Wisdom”, available from Snow Lion Publications.

Chakra balance

Sensitives are likely to find the throat chakra is in overload most of the time. It is because they take on so many other people’s problems. It is essential to open up this chakra and your focus with it. The throat chakra then becomes ‘confident’ with channelling truth and you begin to lose the frustration of not knowing if what you are receiving is truth or your imagination. This will improve all parts of life especially relationships and employment.

Meditation skills

Most people’s heads are much too busy to have clear thought. To achieve a quiet mind the discipline of meditation is the key. Meditation does not mean you have to sit under a tree for hours; it is the rare moments of silence we allow ourselves to be with ourself. Allow five minutes of ‘contemplation’ a day, every day. Watch it make a huge difference in your life and improve your ability to meditate ten fold. Then, watch your psychic and intuitive abilities flower and your life change for the better. Try this simple mind control today.

Psychic Master Heidi Sawyer BA

When Beginner’s Should Begin

When your mind wants to encourage you to open up to your psychic side the persistence is relentless. Even if you ignore it for months or even years the tapping at your curiosity will continue until you take notice. You’ll keep dragging along a friend to a psychic or medium to check they tell your friend something different, because each time you go ‘just out of curiosity’ they always mention your psychic or healing ability is there – waiting to be discovered. There is never a perfect time other than this time to begin.

The Headless Heart

Often in life we come across the circumstances as a ‘sensitive’ where we can so clearly see a way forward for everyone else but ourselves. When I see this happen I call it the separation between the head and the heart with neither talking to the other. One sense becoming dominant over the other, eventually showing in the outer world within our relationships with other people. “He won’t communicate” “she won’t say what she wants” the mists forming until you wander your separate paths. The next time you make an important decision listen to BOTH your head and your heart. Listen to sense whether both agree on your options or how one can compromise with the other. Magically you will see outer relationships with partners, friends and family improve beyond what you imagined possible. Your inner world will feel calm and peaceful, your intuitive and psychic abilities will reach new heights.

The Ability to Astral Travel

Every night we all do a bit of astral projection. As we drop off to sleep, the astral body begins to separate from the physical body. Sometimes you might be aware of this happening. The body relaxing, the mind still alert you can’t move your arms or legs as the physiological response of sleep paralysis kicks in. The brain deactivates the mechanism that moves your limbs, you find yourself panicking because nothing moves. Perfect for astral travel. Astral travel is how dreams can resolve discussions or even ‘know’ about an event the conscious mind hasn’t yet become aware of. One of the more mysterious parts to psychic development; a fascinating experience we are all capable of.

Getting in touch with your Higher Self

Your higher self doesn’t judge, it discerns a truth to express. That’s why I use the energy of a person’s higher self during a reading. I know then I am downloading through my psyche the deeper aspects of what is best for that individual based on their own deep, untouched knowledge. The higher self gives you the movement within your craft of how to interpret information correctly and in a format people can understand. The higher self has no judgement, it just sees what is…

The Sensitive Waiting for it to Happen

For the ‘sensitive’, a person who is more aware of the energy of people around them than the average person, the opening of psychic awareness does not go away with age, it grows. You find yourself buying yet another book, the bumps in the night get louder and the push towards increasing your knowledge around the area gets harder. You may feel a sense of waiting. What you’re waiting for is never clear but there is a meaning to life you know is there, but you can’t quite touch. This is your energetic frequency increasing whether you like it or not. Lots of people during this period have an increase in psychic experiences: the dreams that happen or the occasions You may not looking to receive messages or have psychic experiences, just a natural sensitive, this means your waiting must be satisfied.

What exactly are psychic skills?

We know there is more to life than we see around us, we all have experiences not easily explained, feelings that something within us is missing. To be reading this means you are ready to find out more. You’re a highly sensitive person and sensitive to others.

There are other senses you are able to get to enhance your life, vital to holistic well-being. Gaining these senses will provide limitless potential and more able to face challenges in life. Often relationships, finances, career can all get stuck in a rut and you simply unable to see a way out.

This is usually because others in your life are controlling you rather than you being in control. Today, more and more people are realizing that the ancient sciences hold the key to virtually everything you’ve ever wanted in life. Time to stop the struggle and do something about it.

  • Finances – Mind Direction is the answer getting spiritual control of your career so you are able to earn more.
  • Sexuality can drift away and you can appear dull. Finding new senses can reveal an inner glow, making you more attractive.
  • Confidence in your self will radiate an image of confidence to others, gaining personal power of the space around you.
  • Deep Understanding of the relationship with partners, friends, work people will gain you more influence by having insight to their thought process.
  • Authenticity gains you automatic spiritual respect from others at work or home and in the wider family.
  • Deeper Intuition to be able to rely on your “gut feelings” to solve problems at home and make important decisions at work.
  • Divine consciousness connection to your higher self, an important part of development into an alternative level of thought.

We all have natural psychic talents but like every skill it needs honing to achieve the greatest benefits. But where do you start?

Our SIX module online program shows you the way forward…

Learn your primary psychic skill

It is essential to define what you are to enable you to discover the easiest way for you to receive information on a psychic scale and help you in everyday life. Visual people learn by actually seeing something – the written word, or preferably pictures. Kinaesthetic people learn by feeling for something. They respond to atmosphere and emotions, the ‘bubble wrap’ people. Auditory people learn by sound. The spoken word, tapes, CDs, and music. They like the sound of their own voice and are audio sensitive.

The key to developing your psychic ability is to understand which is your primary sense and develop that first. We can’t emphasise enough how important this insight is to you, it is why our students develop at more than twice the speed of other psychic schools. Also included How to Quiet your Mind and astonishingly simple Guided Meditation Techniques.

Chakras -the mysteries revealed

There is much mystery surrounding the 7 chakras, in this program the secrets are revealed on how to restore the energy within your body and achieve total health through aligning your chakras. The seven chakras are energetic centers from the crown of the head to the base of the spine each with vibrational energy. Each one is fully explained and examined to discover you weaknesses. That way you can embrace healing through the power of your own energy and experience rejuvenation. There are many therapies based on the chakras and many methods of healing but meditation is by far the most successful. The chakras are important but only a portion of FULL spiritual development. All part of The Mind and Body Connection Technique.

Know how to see your own aura

Special cameras claim to be able to capture a person’s aura detecting the human body’s electromagnetic field. The colour of the aura is said to correspond with a person’s physical and mental state. The real truth is you do not need camera to see your aura or other peoples, even an animal’s aura. The program shows you how to see auras starting with plants. An important part of psychic development which many courses overlook is Psychic Protection and how you have to defend yourself against psychic attack that can ruin your life and hold back your career. In addition the part the use of Crystals play in protecting yourself from even this computer you are using and its electronic field which can drain your energy levels. Which crystals to use and where to put them.

Guardian angels and how to use them

Are there such divine beings as angels and does everyone have a Guardian Angel? There is now no doubt we each have a guardian angel that looks after our spiritual life but do we all look after this special angel and have constant contact? The importance is obvious that without proper knowledge of this we will lose out. At some time we all lose a special person in our life but do they have to disappear to the other side or is it possible to make contact? Many have made contact with spirit and there are ways of increasing this as a lot of our students have discovered with great amazment that Mediumship is a learnt skill .

Meaning of Dreams and Astral Travel

Dreams are common place every night, some are so vivid we can’t get rid of thinking about them all day, others repeat over and over again, and others are forgotten as soon as we awake. Is it possible to dream and see into the future? Can we discover are true inner feelings when asleep? Is it possible to travel to another dimension while asleep? You will be amazed by many of the ways you can discover the meaning of dreams and find out others experience of astral travel. Also included in this module is the astonishing ancient way of discovering your life purpose through your own individuel Life Code and how it relates to the Tree of Life. And why your future must been destined at birth.

How to gain access to Your Higher-self

Your Higher Self is where you need to aim for in developing your psychic abilities. It is where you will progress in life the most, achieve deeper relationships with partners and family members, experience a higher sexual enjoyment even if you have been married for years, and will create higher earning prospects through a stronger career potential.
Also included in this module is How to Dowse, a really ancient skill which has amazing results if used correctly. Psychometry that is the act of moving objects, if this has show as your strongest skill in our test then you will have no problem of quickly honing this ability. Mastering Clairvoyance and using photographs to filter information from them with genuine tips on how to get results and how to test your own accuracy.

Access with our Teleseminar

You can follow along with Master Psychic Heidi Sawyer as she answers the questions from students with over an hour of high content material giving full detailed answers to any queries that are raised during the online program. If you are not able to make the live event then you have a chance to download and listen to other students’ questions. This is a helping hand that few psychic development programs offer and why the Centre for Psychic Development is constantly the number one throughout the world and has the most successful results.

* These are of real people who have happily given permission for us to use their photos and comments about this course

  • Hayley UK

  • Jaime USA

  • Kim USA

  • Doris, Canada

  • Angela UK

  • John USA

  • Dorothea from Namibia

  • Professor Dr Kim A. Jobst, MA, DM, MRCP, MFHom

  • Christine, Spain

  • Martin

  • Caroline, Ireland

  • Listening to the first of your psychic courses CDs I was totally absorbed, I was doing things without even knowing it. I felt wonderful!”
    Rodney Epstein

  • “I have felt lethargic for months and generally very tired. I followed the chakra cleanse meditation and found my energy is restoring itself.”
    Lucy Williamson


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Meet Heidi Sawyer BA (hons)

After leaving university Heidi started her career in marketing before realising her true path was to develop her psychic abilities which she had hidden since a child. Despite her mother’s protests, she followed an intensive programme in a closed society exposing herself to every aspect. She honed her psychic skills and formed her own educational programme to give explanation in a clear and easy format never before seen.She is an acclaimed author, presenter, consultant and columnist, developing a variety of self-help programmes to improve other people’s lives in every aspect -be it with family, money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. Her internationally known Home Course Six Week Psychic has sold in 55 countries worldwide and is recognised as THE top psychic programme.

On a personal level, she became highly sensitive to the extensive chemicals in modern day living and developed a life threatening condition which she fought and now carefully monitors. She believes many highly sensitive people suffer similar problems and her many programmes help them manage it in mind or body.

Following a near death experience when her body crashed and she stopped breathing during childbirth, she gained an in-depth soul search and sensitivity. The belief of constant need to be in charge of your own self-care was ultimatley enhanced and she passes on to her many clients. Despite warnings never to have another child, Heidi unexpectedly fell pregnant. She developed every conceivable complication possible but regardless overcome every one and survived and thrived coming out of the experience with even deeper understanding.

Heidi believes that own intuition and spiritual power of mind enables her to overcome every adverse part of her life turning credible disaster into an amazing success.

Heidi constantly strives to improve and enhance her programmes, introducing more and more advanced thoughts. Through her workshops, residential retreats and online courses she has developed the most advanced programmes, many using the treasured knowledge of past writers of ancient philosophy and wisdom. Managing to unravel the mysteries surrounding many unexplored studies, including the extraordinary work uncovered in The Secret Doctrine. Turning complicated and involved thinking into what has become Heidi Sawyer’s signature of the easy to understand and follow style.

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The Six Week Psychic System contains similar extensive material than you’d find at one of Heidi’s popular Psychic Development Workshops. By releasing this Home Psychic Development System online allows us to dramatically reduce our overheads and yours. There’s no venue cost, and no travelling costs, and we’re transferring those savings to YOU.

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The vast display of challenges we face in life can be overwelming. Personal relationships can go wrong and you feel empty. Your career may suffer stagnation and your finances get under strain. You might even suffer with self-doubt and lack of confidence.

That is why you have everything to gain by learning the new senses to call upon because it puts your life back in control by allowing you, at any right time, to know which skill your life needs and know exactly how to improve it.

It’s like having your own personal coach who gives you reliable answers to any challenge life can throw at you. No more emotional failings, no more feelings of overwhelm, and no more solutions that miss their target.

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