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Booking and prices

Priorty reading: for urgent matters that can not wait:
Price: £80 (approx €99 or $127)

Key Question reading: 15 minute specific question:
Price: £65 (approx €80 or $105)

Full reading: 30 minute standard session:
Price: £120 (approx €118 or $150)

Life Plan: giving total direction for your life:
Price: £250 (approx €310 or $397)

Business Plan: for small business and corporations:
Price: £250 (approx €310 or $397)

All prices given include VAT, and telephone call charges during reading. Psychic Circle members benefit from a 20% discount on the above reading prices.

Typically Heidi provides appointment times on Tuesday or Thursday mornings (UK time), however there is a degree of flexibility dependent upon her other commitments.

To book an appointment you have two options:

A – Call the office on 0845 331 3494 or +(0)1992 531 284 or

B – To book an appointment without having to call the office and to organise the appointment you’d like via email book your psychic reading here

What happens next?

You will be asked to pay a deposit payment of £52 in order to secure your appointment time. AFTER the appointment the balance will be automatically taken from the card you paid the deposit on. Unless you opt to pay by PayPal, in which case we will ask you to complete your balance payment prior to the start of your appointment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You will receive incredible value for money. Working with Heidi has been described as “10 years of psychotherapy in 10 minutes”

How to book

To make an appointment telephone:
0845 331 3494
(local call rate number for UK Only).

International callers:
44 (0)1992 531 284
Office opening times to make appointments:
Monday to Friday; 8:30am-5:30pm GMT
NO PHONE CALL CHARGES FOR THE READING (landline phones only, mobile carries a £5 additional charge)

Please note Heidi works off UK time/GMT.

Circle members benefit from a 20% discount on CPD products and services. If you are already a member please mention this at time of booking. To find out more about joining Heidi’s Circle click here.

How to prepare for an appointment

To maximise your time with Heidi, you will be asked to write a list of all the areas in your life you want covered. At the beginning of your session she will ask you to read the list. She then starts to connect with the area of the strongest energy.

Heidi offers a very straight forward, direct approach and practical knowledge that will help you understand a way forward.

Appointments with Heidi are very popular and you may be asked to wait to receive details of an appointment time.

Remember, there is no charge for the landline telephone call for readings, even on international calls, we telephone you. If Heidi is to call a mobile/cell, then there is simply a charge of £5.