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First Step

Becoming a parent, as I did not so long ago, is a life-changing moment, I was told in a dream two weeks before I even became pregnant I was going to have a boy, I was even given his name and details of the career he would eventually follow and some quite distinct detail of his destiny and life path.

Shortly after his birth my husband's grandfather fell critically ill, a pillar of the family whose dearest wish was to see his first grandchild. He hung onto life in the hope of seeing our child, a hope never fulfilled due to the modern malady of MRSA and my instinct that my baby was not to be exposed to this infection.

Such feelings caused a family rift, my husband's family pushing for the him to see the child but I knowing life goes on and he would indeed see the child but from beyond the physical body and play an important spiritual part and influence his growing up.

He would simply be moving 'to the next room', free from old age and deterioration of mind and body. I firmly believe he eventually realised this, although the family in their grief believed otherwise.

At his funeral I stood next to my husband and there at the front facing the mourners was his granddad. He looked the best I had ever seen, standing straight, in his prime. My husband was to give a reading and when walking up, although he couldn't see his grandad, he gave him a little nod. During the reading my husband began to sob, the fact I had told him his grandfather was present touched him and his words poured from his heart. It seemed to give the rest of the family permission to let go and sob.

The old man found it amusing they could all let go and spent the rest of the service complaining that the burning of his shoes was such a waste and was quite insistent he wanted them removed before cremation. He wasn't bothered about anything else just the shoes. It amused me that this man wasn't in any pain or sadness in death and now the extent of his life problems amounted to a pair of shoes.

So much of our sixth sense gets lost

So much of the senses we are born with get lost as we progress in life often finding out until it's too late. We are encouraged to focus on what is fact and can be seen, from the earliest school years into adult life, the simple beauty of our heightened senses disappearing into a fog of logic and fact.

If we could all 'see' perhaps we would live in a world free of fear and pain, a life spent with a more carefree attitude using and exploring our sixth senses with great Hello and welcome to this newsletter, which I hope will provide you a contact point to the psychic world.

I am a great believer in developing everybody's natural psychic abilities as I know this will help in life, dealing with emotional difficulties and challenges as they arrive. Psychic power can achieve the direction in your life that may be missing.

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