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Kindred Spirits

I am always delighted when I meet a kindred spirit. They are the people you meet in your life who you know almost immediately. I remember meeting one of mine ten years ago. Walking into the house I was renting a room in, boxes stacked in my arms to the extent I couldn’t see, I bumped into someone, a guest in the house I was to live in. After a few minutes of conversation I immediately felt an affinity with the lovely character of this person. Today, she remains a fantastic friend. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding a few years after first meeting.

Kindred spirits remind each other on an unconscious level of ‘home’ when they run into each other on this side.

According to some sources you are unlikely to meet up with your ‘soulmate’ whilst here on earth. You will simply meet Kindred Spirits with whom you have a profound connection. This connection will be based on much of the memories of ‘home’ where all live in harmony with those who resonate within the same soul group.

Kindred Spirits are easily recognisable. They do though come in all shapes and sizes. Some as partners, potential partners others as friends. We are pleased to connect once again with kindred spirits, the connection can amount to a long or short period of time.

Within our life plan we write in certain connections with people, these are often kindred spirits with whom we share periods of time with during our lives. All of which we learn from and some stay with us, others are there only for a short stay. Some are instantly recognisable, ‘love at first sight’ springs to mind. This is more a case of ‘oh there you are!’ it is programmed into our unconscious to meet them along our life journey. On occasion we can start to get a bit twitchy if the time seems to be going by and they have not shown up. A sense of relief can follow when they do. However, it is not always the case that kindred spirits are there to make our life happy. They can be there to present us with challenges. If we are completely in tune with our life path, we will recognize aspects of the challenges with the other party early on in our relationship.

This is when in the beginning we feel they are the perfect partner, perfect friend etc and then at a later stage we are disappointed with their behaviour. Many of us feel bitterness and dislike towards this person for much of our lives. Few actually see the reality – they were there to teach us something. If objectively looked back upon, we can see the lessons. Those who keep close to their life chart recognise this, learn, and are deeply grateful for those lessons. They then keep a record within their psyche and are quick to learn should the lesson threaten to repeat itself.

Those who wander from their planned life path will see the kindred spirit who presents the challenge as a dreadful person who caused them great harm and disappointment. Some eventually realise the lessons and let their hurt feelings go, others hold on to them for the duration of their life. This is not to say the kindred spirit who has taught the other a great lesson is in the right, it simply means there is an opportunity to learn and let go.

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