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Dreams, Their Connection To Psychic Ability


We all dream, even if we cannot remember them, but what is the difference between a ‘normal’ and a ‘psychic’ dream?

Freud called dreaming “the royal road to the unconscious” when a person is developing their psychic skills it is very common for the ‘royal road’ to become laden with colourful and often deep experiences, more so than a person has experienced before. This is often because during psychic development the energy system of the psyche wants to clear out the old files of the mind quicker than usual. This is in order to raise the energy vibration of the person to maintain and build upon the finer frequencies associated with psychic ability and mediumship.

Psychic dreams lead you towards spiritual growth, they are a healthy indication your intuitive ability is increasing. So what are psychic dreams?

Psychic dreams can take several different forms. They tend to be the ones you remember in vivid colour, have strong personal meaning or prophetic in nature. Some can be actual meetings that take place on the astral planes between yourself and a loved one whom has passed over. It is often easier for spirit to contact a loved one in a sleep state, less likely to be considered unusual; and an easier meeting point.

Prophetic dreams are obviously easy to detect after the event. In some instances the dreamer is picking up the fine frequencies, intuitive radio waves that connect all living things. Others are messages delivered in a sleep state by spirit that prove to be true occurrences from the past or future.

The dreamer is most often the best interpreter of their psychic dreams. Keep a log of what you believe to be a psychic dream. Psychic dreams are nearly always easy to remember. Write them in a dream journal as clearly as you remember them. Often during this process the meaning if not already, will become clear. It also gives the psyche permission to experience more and invites the consciousness to expand.

A psychic dream I can remember most clearly, took place August 2001. I awoke after a very clear dream about a Siamese cat calling out to me. I was a little confused as I had never seen a Siamese cat like it; this one was all one colour although I couldn’t make out what colour it was. The dream was very clear in full colour, so clear that I decided to hunt for the mysterious cat that seemed desperate to contact me. With a sudden overwhelming desire I continued to ‘follow’ the dream instructions and called every cat home I could find to see if they had a Siamese to re-home. Eventually I came across a lady who mentioned some one coloured Siamese looking cats in need of a home. Scribbling the address I found the re-homing centre in Kent, an amazing place with a range of animals from dogs to pigs.

Soon I found myself in a pen with what I thought to be three odd but striking looking cats. The fourth, a striking chocolate brown Egyptian looking cat I had not noticed sitting on a shelf behind me. As I stood with my back to him, he tapped me on the shoulder. Mocca I was later told was due to be put down as the re-homing centre had tried for months but could not find a home for him. Since that day in 2001, Mocca has enjoyed his home with us. The neighbours refer to his unusually tactile, very loving and gentle nature as more like a dog than a cat, and affectionately refer to him as ‘the dogcat’.

Psychic dreams stick strongly in the mind, they offer deeper meaning, something to ponder, or often a wonderful spiritual experience. Many have felt ‘work’ taking place on their energy field whilst in a deep sleep state, others have felt themselves ‘awake but not awake’ watching beautiful lights move around them. Some have awoken to find pain evaporate as a result of a mysterious visitation whilst dreaming of an ethereal angelic figure. All are wonderful examples of the psyche opening up to the experience of the finer vibrations, the sixth sense.

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