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Poltergeists and the Power of the Unconscious Mind


A man came to see me; we’ll call him Bill. He was experiencing apparent Poltergeist activity in his home. An old record player that was not plugged in started to play; items were appearing in the centre of the room, all kinds of things.

Over the years I have learnt to decipher the difference between real activity from an unsettled spirit and the power of someone’s unconscious mind. My first question to this man was: – “Have you a teenager?” My second question was: – “Have you recently gone through a relationship change, a divorce perhaps?” He answered yes to both. My thoughts were exactly that, he had a teenage boy in the house and a new partner. How did I know? A mixture of psychic intuition and experience.

The unconscious mind is extremely powerful it can create all kinds of events as a reality. It is my belief we mistakenly believe we are in total charge of our everyday mind when really it is the silent world of the unconscious that often dictates our reality.

Upon investigation into the energy around Bill I could see and feel his teenage son felt unsettled about the relationship change even though it had been a while since his parents had divorced. This young lad I could feel was deeply sensitive but often didn’t express how he felt or even know how he was truly feeling. His dad agreed, he said his son was a very jolly character on the surface but when feeling vulnerable would clam up.

I told Bill his son was nervous about the new relationship his dad had in his life. I said he wants to like your partner but he’s not sure about her. He’s nervous about school as well as there are changes in that environment. His dad again agreed. I said the poltergeist activity was in fact this young lad’s psychic energy literally bouncing off the walls. This teenager was deeply psychic and creatively gifted yet did not know. I moved some of the energy around by allowing it to become conscious.

When Bill returned home he asked his son about how he was feeling. With some pressing he confessed he was indeed nervous about the new partner and changes around school. Bill had gone home with some clear instructions from me on what to do. He followed them religiously, his son was happier and to this day there has been no more ‘ghostly’ activity…

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