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What to do if psychic experiences are unsettling

Someone told me recently about their sister’s three year old child who was ‘seeing’ people at night. They thought perhaps it was a figment of this child’s imagination until one day they decided to ask the child the name of the woman he saw at the end of bed. He merrily chirped, “the lady’s name is;’you see me?’”

Many people have commented over the years that they may have a huge amount of psychic activity followed by a slump or a desire to steer clear of it because it’s all a bit much. The beginnings of this ability they can trace back to their childhood often followed by a disappearance of their skills to then re-surface in later years sometimes in quite an abrupt or alarming manner. Perhaps it may be they can ‘smell’ when someone is going to die, or they do indeed see auntie Florence standing at the end of the bed.

My advice is, if you have been having a lot of unsettling psychic experiences the best thing you can do to settle it down is to take an interest in it. The more you understand something the less frightened you become. For those who naturally and spontaneously open up it is important you grasp the process of it all. This is so you can choose and discern the types of energy you wish to channel. It is important though to remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to entertain spirits that pop along to communicate with you. Most are friendly, some are lost. For children this is often something they see as very natural.

My little boy has a friend he can see, her name is Julie. Julie he says lives under the bed, (because she pops up at the end of it) he can only see her at night but she talks to him. I’m yet to meet Julie but she seems a very nice lady…

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