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I remember the first time a friend of mine asked me to ‘programme’ a metal disc he had acquired from a higher self course he had bought. He handed me an enormous manual with the disc and said “you do it Heidi I’m too scared.” Flicking through the manual I had the general idea of how to ‘programme’ the piece of metal I’d been handed.

The higher self I will describe as the all knowing part of you. It is the part of you that has the answers to everything or sure enough it can quickly find them if it hasn’t. It is that part of you that finds strength when there is none, knows what to do in an emergency it’s the part of you that can freely express itself when in a very relaxed state, it’s that happy, peaceful feeling all of us at some point in our life, however brief, has experienced.

When you engage the energy of the higher self your psychic abilities increase hugely, accuracy becomes natural and a calm belief in the information you receive is the order of the day.

So what happened when I programmed the disc? Standing there with the manual, I asked the energy of the higher self to show me my physical response for a ‘yes.’ The force of the energy flow was so strong it knocked me off my feet. Peeling myself up from behind the sofa I thought “wow this is fun” my friend standing there, his eyes like saucers gazed in disbelief.

So was it my imagination propelling me when I flew backwards and found myself on the floor behind the sofa? I’m not convinced it was. In my mind I didn’t know what I was going to get or what to expect when I said yes to the programming of the disc, the consequences just happened. I know it was something outside of the control of my personality. It was an involuntary action which seemed to be set off by reading one part of a page of the manual.

“Hmm”, I thought “bet you don’t need a metal disc to engage this energy”. Sure enough I found a way to engage it without the razz, a simple technique for in essence the higher self isn’t complicated. Think about engaging with your higher mind, the part of you beyond the limitations of the conscious self. Ask for it to show you the deeper aspects of your intuitive self. Sure enough it will. It is the part of you that isn’t frightened, the part of you that knows the difference between psychic ability and imagination. It is the part of you that just ‘knows’ how to give someone insight into a life challenge or can read the energy of a situation very well. Your higher self doesn’t judge, it discerns a truth to express. That’s why I use the energy of a person’s higher self during a reading. I know then I am downloading through my psyche the deeper aspects of what is best for that individual based on their own deep, untouched knowledge. The higher self gives you the movement within your craft of how to interpret information correctly and in a format people can understand. The higher self has no judgement, it just sees what is…

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