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Past Lives

A lady came to me a few years ago asking about her two year old son. He had an unexplained fear of water. Every time she went to bath him it was an ordeal. He would scream, cry and shout until the ‘endurance’ was over. His mother worried about this, could not understand his fear. Through remote viewing (looking at energy from a distance) I looked into the little boy to discover what it was that was troubling him. The images I received related to a past life. I saw a man in his fifties staggering from the sea and collapsing on the beach. The man was struggling to breathe clutching his chest. I realised he was having a heart attack. Sending healing energies to the scene it soon began to fade. A few days later the lady called me, her son was now asking to have a bath, playing happily with the bubbles.

There has been much controversy and curiosity regarding the possibility we have been here many times before.

Dr Weiss describes the process in a wonderful metaphor: “It is as if a large diamond were to be found in every person. Picture a diamond a foot long. The diamond has a thousand facets, but the facets are covered in dirt and tar. It is the job of the soul to clean each facet until the surface is brilliant…some have cleaned many facets and gleam brightly. Others have only managed to clean a few…”

It is when we have cleaned enough facets that we become interested in the prospect of past lives and begin our ability to tap into them. Some may not even know that their soul has been busy cleaning facets preparing them for an experience that can transform fears and limitations.

With the lady’s son, once the energy from his past was discovered and resolved it could pass through and release the stress it was causing him. The little boy’s soul was ready to tidy up, cleaning facets of his diamond.

What are past lives?

Past lives are the times we have been here before in another human body. When we die, the imaginary cord that connects us to the earth plane is cut. We slip out leaving the ‘shell’ of the human body behind. Some of the energy remains as part of the body but essentially we have gone.

It does not mean that we have gone forever we have simply slipped into a new form. The new form exists for a while in what is known as the dimension of spirit. Here we remain if we still have things to learn from our present lifetime or issues to resolve to do with those we have left behind. Once completed we move out of ‘spirit’ into a resting period.

The resting period

During the resting period we do not feel emotion, we are blissfully happy in a state of suspension. As our true spirit forms, we do not feel pain or any particular forms of emotion other than the truth, which is love.

When our resting period is up, it is time to begin learning again. To learn again we have to experience something different from which we are at present, hence we re-enter a human form to start the next learning period.

The memory of where we came from becomes misty as we pass through into the earth plane. As we pass through, the energy becomes thicker and the memory of who we are fades away so we can fully experience what we are to learn.

Memory from past lives can only be re-called when we are back in the experience of learning. In our true spirit form we do not need to re-call because we are resting and in our purest form. The memory of our previous lives that have a deep impact, or where the continuous story of our life continues, our soul energy may wish to recall the memories of the past in order to learn more from its present experience.

The learning curve

In order for the soul energy to heal parts of its past or conclude an ongoing scenario it makes present situations or feelings that direct a person towards their past lives. These may come in several formats. They can come in the format of an unexplained fear or phobia where it does not add up, or as a strong curiosity with past life experiences.

A woman came to me with a strong curiosity about her past lives and wanted to see if she could access them. In this instance a regression technique was used for her to see what was the most relevant in her life today. She became aware of herself going through a “suffocating feeling” and saw her mother with a pillow. The story became clear; she had an unexplained fear of her mother in this lifetime. The story she was experiencing as a past life was her Jewish mother suffocating her as a baby to protect her from being taken in Nazi Germany. She suddenly understood why she had a fear and resentment towards her mother during this lifetime and immediately released it. She understood the reasons for her mother’s previous actions in the past lifetime and realised the two soul energies had met up once more to continue the experience together in happier circumstances. Once the energy had released from the past, this lady’s relationship with her mother improved tremendously.

The purpose of past life recalls is to heal experiences from the past that do, or might affect your present life time. Whether you believe them to be past experiences or a very vivid imagination is almost irrelevant, they serve as a fantastic tool to release the stagnant energies that put parts of your life on hold.

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