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Speaking to Spirit

For most people it takes a while to realise messages you receive from spirit helpers is not part of a vivid imagination. Speaking to spirit is different to talking to your friends or next door neighbour. If you are lucky enough to see a spirit in a physical form you will notice their form of communication is not through their mouth but through a thought pattern such as telepathy.

You will find as your senses deepen that even the thoughts of the living become something you pick up on. This is because we are all energy and energy has no concept of time or space it ‘just is’. Often people will describe how they ‘just knew’ their friend on the other side of the world was going through a change in their life or you could feel your friend from school was going to contact you even though you hadn’t seen them for twenty years – strangely you started to think of them to find a day or so later they call you.

This is you picking up on the fine radio waves of subtle non physical communication. Before it is developed we describe it as a strange feeling we can’t quite put our finger on, gut feeling perhaps, but as we take more notice and start to actively develop it, life becomes much easier.

Recently, during a time of moving I found myself automatically skipping into this part of myself. I just knew the removal company wasn’t going to get it quite right so I put extra clothes in the car and in drawers I knew they would be taking. I stopped myself from putting too much of the most important things in the car because I thought I was being a little too paranoid. As it turns out I was absolutely right. If I’d fully listened I’d have had every thing I needed! The removal company did mess up and if I hadn’t put the essentials in the car and the drawers I would have been completely up the spout! They took three weeks to deliver the full load of belongings. They were only supposed to take a day!

There are many ways to help you feel and hear spirit better. Methods that help you decipher real from imagined communication helps you recognise your psyche’s way of receiving information whether it’s from spirit or your own deeper senses.

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Heidi Sawyer BA (hons) is known for her clear, concise and direct approach to intuitive and psychic development. Her popular course material is used for TV research, featured on BBC radio, and sold in 55 countries. Heidi is the author of The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense & How to Develop Your 7th Sense (Hay House). She is the course director for The Centre for Psychic Development, the largest Psychic Development provider in the world.