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Coping with Increased Sensitivity

I remember the first time I really became aware of the true force of energies around us all. I was standing at Waterloo station in London having just arrived on a train from the suburbs. I had finished a reading with someone, running late I had jumped on the train to London. Standing on that station was my first very real experience of having not put my system into a resting state before going out

When people with a heightened sensitivity stand next to people, especially sick people, they can feel their illness. Sometimes they can briefly feel what it is like to have a certain illness or sense of thinking. This ability develops tremendous empathy in a psychic and a true sense of what someone is going through. However, this skill is only really to be used for defining energy and helping to move it along, it is not something to keep in the system.

For me, on this occasion I felt as though I had taken a hard kick to the stomach. A swirling, rolling around my solar plexus with the muffled sounds of hundreds of people’s thoughts pounding through my head. The thoughts of those around me at the station. Quickly, I put my energy system back into a resting state. I have never made the same mistake twice.

Nowadays I only tune into the thoughts, feelings and energies of others when asked to. I find it easy to ‘shut off’. Through practice it is now an automatic process for me to access a resting state. I never take the energy of my day home, no matter what the unpleasantness of a person’s challenge. It is accessed for that person, at that time only. A necessity for the super sensitive.

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