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Astral Catalepsy

I remember a story a lady told me of her experience of feeling very frightened, a dark figure, in her mind, had pinned her to the bed.

What is astral catalepsy I hear you say? If you have ever been asleep at night to suddenly find yourself startled and scared with the feeling you cannot breathe, cannot move, cannot open your eyes and feel as though you are being pushed into the bed by some force, trying to yell but no sound comes out; then you have experienced astral catalepsy.

Astral catalepsy is a form of astral travel and many people experience it especially when they are starting to develop their psychic skills. A less accurate description would be sleep paralysis.All During sleeping hours our spirit body goes off on a little wander exploring the universe and the other side. These little astral trips are a nourishing and enriching experience for the spirit and superb for the overall health of the conscious mind. However, on the rare occasions when the conscious mind ‘catches’ the spirit leaving or re-entering the body, it panics, in the semi-conscious belief that if the spirit is half in and half out of the body it must be dying.

So if you have ever had one of these experiences you now know it’s nothing to be afraid of. It is simply your spirit-self exploring and being caught by the conscious-self on its return.

Happy sleeping and astral travelling!

Article ©2015

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