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Emotional Healing


Most of us from an early age have learnt to not express too much. Not to get too excited or too upset, expression is often seen as a sign of weakness.

The attitudes we were taught root very deeply in our psyche. Generally we were taught not to feel any emotion too strongly because we want to stay cool and in control. While some of us have learned to repress feelings some of us have the opposite problem. We are too easily overwhelmed by our emotions and struggle to manage a emotional equilibrium. We are often carrying the repressed feelings of people around us, experiencing and expressing other people’s emotions as well as our own.

Many traditional spiritual philosophies tend to encourage us to repress certain emotions by encouraging us to rise above them. This for many is easier said than done! If you continually put to one side something that bothers you, eventually it becomes large enough to overwhelm. The overwhelmed can then see the world through animosity and defensive eyes.

The way to ‘let go’ is often in fact to allow yourself to fully experience the emotion you are trying to repress. If you feel anger, sometimes it is better to allow the psyche to feel the expression of anger. The repression of such emotions often leads to the experience of someone either emotionally or physically attacking another. To experience the emotion means to allow the body to feel the feeling. Often the effort is in keeping it repressed. Allowing the body to experience the emotion means it has the opportunity to pass through. This does not mean to plough the same thing around and around your head; it means to allow the body to feel.

Remember, our feelings are a deep, important part of our lives and they need to be respected. Emotional healing comes in the fact all emotions exist for a reason. Rather than reject or avoid them, we need to discover the gift each brings. We call things negative because it is something we don’t understand and therefore fear, once something is respected and honoured the emotion of fear quickly falls away…

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