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The Throat Chakra and Psychic Development

Blocked up throat chakras go hand in hand with those developing on a psychic level and sensitive healers.

I have taught many classes where people suddenly find themselves going into a coughing fit each time the throat chakra is mentioned. The throat chakra is positioned in the area of your Adam’s Apple. It is the area of your chakra system that stores information regarding your ability to communicate, especially with reference to your deepest truth.

For those who are opening up on a psychic and healing level it is likely you will find the throat stores a lot of information. This information will extend up into the jaw line. If you were to give me photographs of just people’s jaw lines I could tell you all about them, from their favourite activities to their deepest fears, just by looking at the area around the mouth and jawbone. This is because the area around this part of the body stores a wealth of information as an energetic imprint.

Budding psychics and healers are likely to find the throat chakra is in overload. This is because they are sensitive people who are very good at picking up information about those around them. In the past you may have picked up on information friends and family were not ready to hear, you tried to pass it on and had it pushed back at you. Your energy; sensitive to the frequency of others, then perhaps decided to close down the throat chakra for fear of offending or wanted simply to keep the peace.

It is essential in your psychic development to open up the throat chakra and your focus with it. It will help your psychic skills tremendously. The throat chakra then becomes ‘confident’ with channelling truth and you begin to lose the frustration of not knowing if what you are receiving is truth or your imagination.

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