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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we have been asked over the years. We hope that they help you make more sense of your own psychic experiences.

Q. Psychic experiences are becoming a more and more common phenomena. Is it a trick of the mind or real?

There are many psychological and hypnotic techniques that mistakenly give an impression that psychic skills are merely trickery or techniques that can be created through hypnotic suggestion. This does not explain the phenomena that more and more people are experiencing. The visits from the deceased, the detailed, precise information passed on without prompting or any previous knowledge. Perfectly normal stable people are commonly developing psychic abilities tapping into the unseen. At times this can be a frightening or disconcerting experience. This psychic course is to help you understand some of the phenomena or strange happenings you may have experienced.

What is the ‘cool breeze’ and the feeling that someone is present and watching?

Q. What exactly is spirit?

Spirit, are the people who have died and left this earthly plane to join the ‘other side’. When they wish to communicate with us they will choose different methods based on the person receiving the information. Some will turn up in person and others will make a ‘phone call’. The phone call can be described as similar to long distance phone calls before satellite. There is a short delay before messages are received. When a spirit turns up in person they will communicate nearly always telepathically.

Q. People say they ‘feel’ when spirit is there, what is it?

This feeling of The cool breeze commonly felt upon entering certain rooms, a place, or building often indicates when spirit are present. When a person dies it is as though a cord that connects them to the earth plane is cut. They slip out and pass to the ‘other side’. Some are caught between the two and remain bound to the earth therefore becoming earthbound spirits or ghosts. When spirit wish to communicate regardless of whether they have successfully passed over, the room temperature may appear to drop. This is because our vibrational density is thicker on this side and they have to draw on the earth’s energy to maintain their physical presence when visiting. The ‘breeze’ is often because you have walked straight through them! If you ‘feel’ a presence, it usually is exactly that. Someone from the other side wants to talk with you!

Q. What is it that I see out of the corner of my eye?

Sometimes of course it is your imagination! Not all of what you see out of the corner of your eye is something or someone from the ‘other side’. Often though, it is exactly that; someone from the other side paying a visit. It is more possible to see spirit when you are not looking or are relaxed. Quite often it can appear that something has darted past you and by the time you’ve ‘looked’ it has gone. This simply means you were sufficiently unaware enough to catch a glimpse. This is usually at dusk or in the early hours of the morning. The veil between the two dimensions is thinner at dawn and dusk.

Q. How do you know the difference between a good and bad spirit?

It is not so much about telling the difference between a good and bad spirit but between someone who has successfully passed over to the other side and an earthbound spirit or ghost. When people die they do not necessarily miraculously take on an amazing personality change if they were particularly nice or nasty in life, but it does help if they have made a full and successful transition to the other side.

Q. What is an earth bound spirit people talk of?

An earthbound spirit will be either confused or can attempt to be controlling if the reason they have not passed over properly is because they are deliberately holding on to the earth plane. It is always earthbound spirits who ‘take over’ the physical body of a living person. They will do this because of a reluctance to leave this life. The physical body of another person provides a house for the spirit of such people to remain on the earth plane. The forced leaving of such a spirit has through time been known as an exorcism. The forced departure of an earthbound spirit is best left to an experienced psychic as often the earthbound spirit can be very reluctant to leave.

Spirit who have successfully passed over will never intimidate or deliberately upset the living. They come only to pass on messages and to let their loved ones know they are well.

Q. Are the psychic courses safe to do if you have already had a lot of psychic experiences?

Yes, it is. After each exercise on Psychic Development (1) there are grounding and aura energy building techniques to make sure that your newfound ability is manageable and that you can continue your spiritual growth.

Q. When is the best time to listen to the psychic development courses CDs?

Any time of day. They are more effective if you have undisturbed quiet time to listen.

What if I can’t relax and get into the psychic development courses?

The sound on each psychic courses CD has been specially developed to help slow the brain waves so it is quick and easy for you to relax. Regular listening to the relaxation mediation is guaranteed to slow the racing of the mind.

Q. What if I get stuck or don’t understand something?

We are more than happy to answer questions via e-mail on any part of the subject matter

Q. Can children listen to the psychic development courses CDs?

This is entirely at the parent’s discretion. We recommend that parents listen first to the psychic courses information and carefully select what they think is suitable for their child.

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