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Being a good psychic

The hurdles one has to get over in order to become a successful psychic. In a Psychic Circle tutorial Heidi offers the answers every intuitive sensitive has searched for and can never find. You will receive every week answers, support and understanding of the most inner and emotional parts of your intuitive experiences.

Psychic types

Which type of sensitive is the best – the nurturer, trailblazer, clairvoyant or the clairsentient?

Psychic Checklist

A checklist of the characteristics of an intutitve.

Why we reincarnate

Souls reincarnate into difficult backgrounds in order to learn and progress as old souls.

How To Do a Reading

Learn how to read like a professional psychic using the chakras, energy and how to see beyond the vibration of a persons anxiety.

How psychic are you?


Test your psychic ability using our online psychic test

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