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Quite by chance I found Heidi’s website, it just sort of miraculously appeared on the screen. I bought her home study course Psychic Powers. I attended a course the best classes I have ever been to.

I started doing readings for friends and I have been employed as a professional psychic ever since. This course has totally changed my life thanks to the direction of Heidi.

Previously I have had a variety of jobs mainly in caring positions, volunteer hospice and nursing positions.This was as a result of my partner having a terminal illness for 11 years before he finally died aged 57 in 2002.

Then Joff came back into my life. We had lost contact for many years but had always previously been there for each other. It just happened that we got together and I am so lucky to have such a special love at this time of my life. I could not be happier. We have a home in Spain and a great future to look forward to. My company allow me to work just the same from there, set in the mountains of Almeria, flanked by almond groves, where I do my readings.

I have naturally been developing my sixth sense all my life, my family dubbed me as odd and I was a mis-fit. It was a lonely journey for years until things just sprang up and changed to what has turned into what is now a truly wonderful life, all thanks to Heidi and her guiding spirit.



“I can feel spirit around me all the time. I know I am on a journey and my answers will come.”

I own two businesses, one is a recruitment business and one is an advertising network consisting of over 150 geographical websites, this has an audience over 100,0000 unique visitors per month.

About two years ago I had 15 staff within the recruitment business and everything seemed good, however we hired a senior member of staff and ruined the business, and had to put this business into liquidation and start again.

This was when my troubles really began, and my life was turned into turmoil. I threw ALL my energy at raising another recruitment business and worked 60-70 hour week, thinking this was the only answer turning over 1.2 million, however it was ALL my energy and outbound resources. Needless to say this comes with a price, my health and happiness.

It was then I found Heidi Sawyer, I couldn’t believe what I found, the information was clear and concise and welcoming and my interaction with the support infrastructure is amazing and gave me so much confidence.

Since starting with Heidi I have found that my meditations have become clearer, my health and well being has improved dramatically, and I can feel spirit around me all the time. I know I am on a journey and my answers will come.

I believe that my value as human being and a giver in life has increased dramatically, I was also told that if I didn’t change my life I would have had a stroke. ‘I just want to say that I am loving your development programme, I practice Heidi’s meditation every day and the benefits are in abundance and plain to see, and she has literally saved my life.



I have followed Heidi’s psychic programme for several years and been part of the Psychic Circle since formation. Thanks to Heidi I achieved much enhanced psychic abilities and living the life I have always dreamed of.

I felt it might be useful for members of the Psychic Circle to be able to ask for guidance from someone who has worked with Heidi very closely so I became the Institute’s Forum Director and a Moderator of the Psychic Circle to give support and answer any questions members may have.

Watch Sianne as she tells you about a recent experience she had with Heidi at her home in France

In this video Josephine gives you an insight into what she gained from a workshop with Heidi in Dublin.


“Tell Heidi that I am buzzing with enthusiasm, new lease of life and so much positive energy. She was absolutely brilliant and can’t wait for her next course.
regards, Beverly xx”

“Heidi gives me the impression that with her help I, too, can achieve psychic experiences”
Rosemary Cummings

“Heidi’s three stage opening process was amazing. It was like someone was writing about me and my experiences”
Nevil Parker

“Having read Heidi’s book, I now know I’m not weird or anything else I have been called by friends and family, but most importantly for me, I also know I am not alone”
Jennifer Fratton

“The powerful stories, analogies and facts contained within this book have had no less than profound impact on my life. Thank you Heidi”
John Milton

“I learnt so much more about ‘the unknown’…I have also undertaken self development without really trying, it’s just happening”
K. Bennett

“Listening to the first of your psychic courses CDs I was totally absorbed, I was doing things without even knowing it. I felt wonderful!”
Rodney Epstein

“I have felt lethargic for months and generally very tired. I followed the chakra cleanse meditation and found my energy is restoring itself.”
Lucy Williamson

“Straight talking information you can trust and easily digest. A genuine soul of great integrity.”
Professor Dr Kim A. Jobst, MA, DM, MRCP, MFHom

“I found this book an insight and relevant to many experiences I have encountered. I thoughly recommend it to any one looking for inspiration on their spiritual journey”
Kitty Watson

“I couldn’t put it down, I really found it fascinating, refreshing, and inspiring.”
C. Ball