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Meet Master Psychic Heidi Sawyer

After leaving university with a BA (hons) degree Heidi Sawyer started her career in marketing before realising her true path was to develop her psychic abilities which she had hidden since a child. Despite her mother’s protests ringing in her ear,* she followed an intensive programme in a closed society exposing herself to every aspect. She honed her psychic skills and formed her own educational programme for others to give explanation in a clear and easy format never before seen.

She became an acclaimed author, presenter, consultant and columnist, Heidi then developed a number of self-help programmes to improve other people’s lives in every aspect -be it with family, money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. Her internationally known Home Course Six Week Psychic has sold in 55 countries worldwide and is recognised as THE top psychic programme.

On a personal level, she became highly sensitive to the extensive chemicals in modern day living and developed a life threatening condition which she had to fight and now constantly and carefully monitor. She believes many highly sensitive people suffer the similar problems and assist many ways with her programmes to help them manage it where it may be in mind or body and personal consultations.

Following a near death experience during the birth of her first child when her body crashed and she stopped breathing, where she gained an in-depth soul search and sensitivity. The belief of constant need to be in charge of your own self-care was ultimatley enhanced and she passes on to her many clients.

Despite warnings never to have another child, Heidi unexpectedly fell pregnant and again against her mother’s deep fears** she went ahead with the birth. She developed every conceivable complication possible but regardless overcome every one and survived and thrived coming out of the experience with even deeper understanding.

Heidi believes that own intuition and power of mind enables her to overcome every adverse part of her life, also with the vast energy the many members throughout the world provided the support during the difficult birth in 2011 that made the journey from credible disaster into an amazing success.

Heidi constantly strives to improve and enhance her programmes, introducing more and more advanced thoughts. Through her workshops, residential retreats and online courses she has developed the most advanced programmes, many using the treasured knowledge of past writers of ancient philosophy and wisdom. Managing to unravel the mysteries surrounding many unexplored studies, including the extraordinary work uncovered in The Secret Doctrine. Turning complicated and involved thinking into what has become Heidi Sawyer’s signature of the easy to understand and follow style.***

Heidi lives with her husband Laurence in Surrey, UK and with her two sons, Charles and Etienne.

* Why my Mother Didn’t Want Me to be Psychic is Heidi’s first book

*** Psychic Powers Home Course is acclaimed for its easy to follow style

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