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I remember back to the time I was a frightened person cut-off from a deep awareness trying desperately to control my world. Most people in our culture are, they have temporarily lost their conscious connection with their higher selves and have therefore lost their own sense of power and responsibility for their lives.

They have a sense of helplessness or feel powerless to make real change in their world. This inner feeling of powerlessness creates a situation where they overcompensate by striving and struggling very hard to have some degree of power or control in their world. They become emotionally attached to things and people outside of themselves which they feel they need in order to be happier. They feel there is something ‘missing’ inside of themselves, becoming stressed trying to manipulate what they want.

This is the state of being most people are trying to set goals or create what they want in life, unfortunately in does not work. If it does, it is in the short-term as those goals become hollow outcomes.

It is at this point, often, people begin to open to the spiritual path. They recognise something inside wants to change. For some people it is a natural progression for others, it is a path they seek. For me, it was a combination of a natural tendency to ‘seek’ and a desire to alter an internal framework. The path, although challenging at times is one worth its weight in gold. Through this experience we are eventually restored to our full spiritual power, any emptiness inside filled from within. This is the process of enlightenment. One that is an on-going process for every individual, there are of course key aspects to it, others unfold over time depending on your commitment to the process. I have seen in the workshops I teach, over the years many people blossom into beautiful flowers often a spontaneous blooming as a result of a spiritual and psychic process rather than the hard push of the practical mind.

For me, the process has been something I wouldn’t have missed for the world. At times intensely challenging but well worth the effort, life becomes a pleasure.

Article ©2015

Heidi Sawyer BA (hons) is known for her clear, concise and direct approach to intuitive and psychic development. Her popular course material is used for TV research, featured on BBC radio, and sold in 55 countries. Heidi is the author of The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense & How to Develop Your 7th Sense (Hay House) she is the course director for The Centre for Psychic Development, the largest Psychic Development provider in the world.