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People ask me all the time; ‘what’s my purpose, what am I here to do’? Everyone has a purpose in life, sometimes though it isn’t something we expect. A client spoke to me recently about her ‘purpose’ or current learning experience. She felt stuck, as though little was moving forward. Desperate for a relationship that works she asked; ‘what do I need to do?’ Interestingly her psyche had moved her work place to an area of the world where she had no chance of meeting someone suitable. She was unconsciously making sure there was no room for relationships, her work, very demanding and taking her to places far and wide. When I told her the ‘purpose’ in her life right now was to have some fun she was quite shocked. I said, your psyche says you’ve gone all serious when really you’re very light-hearted about things. Even your diet is so ‘pure’ your body has gotten fed up. She laughed and then said, her body had started to bloat when she’d eaten raw vegetables or anything that’s ‘good’ for her. I said I bet it doesn’t bloat when you eat cake? Another laugh, and a ‘no it doesn’t actually’ came from her lips.

I went on to tell her that at the moment her ‘purpose’ was to bring her life back into balance. The moment she did that a relationship would have a much better opportunity to flourish. I told her I didn’t know what she was on about anyway, because she had a relationship right under her nose! Sure enough, she’d met a man recently where there was a lot of chemistry but he worked in a different region altogether and her fear around a physical relationship was looming. I told her : Perfect! A conventional relationship would never suit you in a million years, it needs to be unconventional to work. She said: ‘oh my, you are so right, that’s very scary and I never thought of it that way’. I said, your ‘purpose’ and movement forward in your life, is to move it forward! Ring this man, stop ignoring his calls, go eat some cake for crying out loud! A belly laugh came from the other end of the phone splattered with gosh you are so, so right!! There was me thinking my ‘purpose’ was to ‘save the world’ right now, but in actual fact my purpose is happiness! Thank you…

Article ©2015

Heidi Sawyer BA (hons) is known for her clear, concise and direct approach to intuitive and psychic development. Her popular course material is used for TV research, featured on BBC radio, and sold in 55 countries. Heidi is the author of The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense & How to Develop Your 7th Sense (Hay House). She is the course director for The Centre for Psychic Development, the largest Psychic Development provider in the world.