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The Opening

Many people have asked me recently about ‘the opening’. The opening is the beginning of really knowing about when your psychic awareness is going up a grade. For some people this is the beginning, for others it is a progression.

A woman came up to me at an exhibition recently and told me a very interesting story. She was a paramedic, she told me about an incident she went to recently. A man had collapsed from a heart attack and she with a colleague was called to the house by the man’s wife. The wife said he was upstairs in the bed. Racing upstairs a man at the top in a pair of pyjamas pointed to the bedroom door. Passing him they said thank you, when they opened the door to the bedroom they received the shock of their life! The man at the top of the stairs was lying in the bed. He had died from his heart attack, his spirit pointing them in the right direction on his way out.

For the ‘sensitive’ which you are, (a person who is more aware of the energy of people around them than the average person) the opening of psychic awareness does not go away with age, it grows. You find yourself buying yet another book, the bumps in the night get louder and the push towards increasing your knowledge around the area gets harder. You may feel bored with your life or a sense of waiting. What you’re waiting for is never clear but there is a meaning to life you know is there, but you can’t quite touch.

This is your energetic frequency increasing whether you like it or not. Lots of people during this period have an increase in psychic experiences: the dreams that happen or the occasions where they wonder if madness is setting in! The paramedic was an ordinary lady, not looking to receive messages or have psychic experiences, just a natural sensitive, doing her job.

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