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Am I On The Right Path?

“Am I on the right path?” is a question I get a lot at the beginning of a spiritual reading. Usually at this point of asking, the person is going through a ‘dead’ phase where nothing appears to be moving or little goes the way they predict or had hoped for. Most people who step onto the spiritual path ask this at some point in their life. The answer is yes. Only those who are off track never question what life is about, what lessons there are to learn, what challenges there are to overcome.

‘Whenever you have these worries, it’s a sign you are on the right track. A derailed person never seeks truth, never questions, never searches for spirituality, and never searches for their inner self.’
Sylvia Browne

Being on the right path does not necessarily mean you are ‘supposed’ to be doing some great life work shifting huge patterns for humanity. It means you are to become the best of who you can be, to allow the soul’s light to become the major part of your life, to achieve balance. A balance of perspective and mastery of your relationship with yourself. I have seen many people go through the phase of a deep lack of faith in the self and others. Perhaps they have been disappointed by relationships, business ventures, job opportunities and so on. But ultimately out of these people I have seen those committed to their ‘life path’ achieve great happiness and joy in the smallest of things.

I have seen them no longer bothered by events from their present and past. I have seen a great faith in ‘letting things go’ and the results they have gained. I have seen people give up addictions without effort and achieve wonderful balanced long lasting relationships. All through what is often a blind faith and commitment to their life plan.

Before we come into this world we have a plan. Our spirit has developed a detailed map of what we are to learn and achieve in our life. The emotions we are to experience, the people we are to meet. Their interaction with our spirit, the buttons they are to press. Much is agreed before you even get here. You’ve done the hardest part – birth. Now it’s about learning. When you ‘drop’ through into this side at birth, you have gone through what is known as the ‘pool of amnesia’ the time of forgetting who you are and the experiences you are to gain. The trick to it here on the earth plane is remembering. How do you remember? By feeling at times uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with life and what it represents. With the help of our guides who are privy to our plan, we can through happiness and challenges begin to remember.

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