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Meditation is the Key to Fast Psychic Development

They do say 20 minutes meditation is as good as four hours sleep to refuel the mind.

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Many people ask me how to develop their psychic skills quicker or to the level where they are certain of their accuracy when interpreting information for themselves and other people.

Imagine what it would be like if your head was so quiet you could hear a penny drop. If your head was that quiet you would easily hear spirit as well as the higher-self and any guidance from your intuition. The question is how do we attain this inner silence?

Creating the Silence is not that difficult if you really want it, wherever you live.

An unruly head is much like an unruly child. Without discipline it becomes unfocused and difficult to manage, aspects of it out of control with a desperate desire for direction.

It begins to feel lost and unloved looking around for attention good or bad. Guidance from an ‘adult’ helps the child to settle down and move forward. The child in this instance is the mind. Handled in a loving way the mind soon settles into a peaceful state. To achieve this discipline meditation is the key.

Meditation does not mean you have to sit under a tree for hours; meditation is the moments of quiet. The rare moments of silence we allow ourselves. Some people dread this place within themselves others long for it.

Allow yourself five minutes of ‘contemplation’ a day. Watch it make a huge difference in your life and improve your ability to meditate ten fold. Then, watch your psychic and intuitive abilities flower.

Beware of becoming a Spiritual Snob


Over the years I have come across numerous people who believe they are here to save the world or provide some sort of superior healing service that is beyond the comprehension of what already is.

It’s important to be careful of ‘spiritual snobbery’. There is a period of time in a person’s spiritual journey they begin to accelerate; the acceleration often takes the person into euphoria. This is all part of spiritual development. It is important during this time to master an ability to be non-judgemental towards the level of development the people around you are at.

When you develop spiritually there is a marvellous feeling of euphoria. This often comes after a period of darkness or stagnation. Then comes a tremendous feeling of perception, but however right on its tail can come a spiritual ostentatious attitude. Be on your guard for this, observe it happening and let it be rather than indulge it.

Spirituality will always be the master and you the servant. The ostentatious attitude will calm but the increase in perception will stay. Psychic skills will increase ten fold and your ability to ‘look’ easily in to the perceptions of others will amaze you.

Opportunities to challenge your core beliefs will abound, slowly but surely, fear in all areas if your life will begin to dissolve. The things that bothered you previously will melt away to be replaced with a general sense of calm. All sounds too good to be true? It is true, but it takes work and a willingness to give up old ways of thinking. To tackle such things as giving out too much, living through family, excessive worry, thinking you’re stupid, guilt, being over nice, perfectionism and the list goes on.

Ultimately spirituality can be described as the journey to discover and become yourself, in the process finding what you are good at and enjoy, that’s your contribution. It is not about saving the world.

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Heidi Sawyer BA (hons) is known for her clear, concise and direct approach to intuitive and psychic development. Her popular course material is used for TV research, featured on BBC radio, and sold in 55 countries. Heidi is the author of The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense & How to Develop Your 7th Sense (Hay House). She is the course director for The Centre for Psychic Development, the largest Psychic Development provider in the world.