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Heart Centre and Love


A lady asked me about a sharp pain she was experiencing in her chest and a constant tugging or pulling feeling stretching across it. After the initial question of whether she’s had her actual physical heart checked, I then told her about what the heart chakra does when it’s time for it to balance.

Many people opening up to their extra sensory perception such as their psychic ability start to go through what can be a dramatic heart centre opening. The heart chakra is essential to sustain and build upon your psychic skills for the simple reason it is linked to self-worth and self-esteem. When the heart centre is going through its own clearing process, it can feel like a pulling or tugging in the chest, or in rare circumstances it can feel really quite painful with no physical explanation. No apparent strain, and no heart problems! It is an emotional release.

The participants of a class I was recently teaching needed to go through a heart centre balance in order to improve their psychic ability. Why? The reason why is without self-esteem and worth you will always doubt the information you receive however accurate. It is a universal sickness it seems, to put your-self down. To be downtrodden rather than the magnificently beautiful person you are!

The class were pushed through a huge heart centre balance, they struggled with it because it meant seeing themselves as enormously skilled, and the wonderful people they really are. Such a process instantly brought them into a greater belief in their natural psychic skills and increased their capacity to use their sixth sense to bring harmony into their lives. One lady said the following week how she had very calmly dealt with an irate relative when the week before she would have taken this person so very, very personally which inevitably would have caused a family rift. Instead she was able to see this person’s behaviour for what it was – the expression of hurt and a low sense of worth. The matter thus was easily resolved.

Balancing the heart centre brings you to a place of your own peaceful truth. To know, you are just fine the way you are…

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