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Are You Psychic, Or Is It Your Imagination?


Why is it that when a child has an imaginary friend, it’s called sweet or cute, but when an adult starts to have one it’s assumed they have a vivid imagination?! One of the world’s most famous experts on mental health, Carl Jung had regular conversations with his ‘imaginary’ friend Philemon during his adult years. So how do we know if it’s a person in spirit we’re experiencing around us or our imagination?

Imagination and psychic ability are closely linked. It is often through the channels of the ‘imagination’ that psychic ability emerges. The skill is being able to tell the difference between the two. For many people, the psychic skills within them suddenly become noticeable and develop further over a period of time until it becomes so evident they can no longer ignore them.

I, like many people whom I have come across over the years, became very aware of my psychic skills rather suddenly. Previously I had put the ability down to imagination and clever people watching. One day, around the age of twenty two, I left for the supermarket. Reversing out of the driveway I spotted a figure darting from the front room into the hall. Frightened, I thought it was a burglar who had waited until I had left the house. Then, I noticed that the ‘burglar’ had not used the doorway and was now standing in the hall looking at me. As the figure moved towards the front door (my view was from the car) I realised it was my grandmother whom had died several years previously. She stood there, happily waving to me. ‘Imagination’ I thought, and went along my way.

In my case, like so many, my grandmother chose not to end her communication with me there and then. Over a period of time I began to have very clear communications that I consistently put down to my ‘imagination’, vivid dreams about job interviews I then had, ‘knowing’ about meetings that then took place a few days or weeks later, an overwhelming compulsion to pursue the psychic path, the constant feeling someone was ‘with me’ followed by a persistent knocking sound of knuckles rapping on wood. Finally, ending with the cleaner seeing my grandmother grinning sitting at the kitchen table! It was only then I accepted it could possibly be more than ‘imagination’.

When spirit want to encourage you to open up to your psychic side the persistence is relentless. Even if you ignore it for months or even years the tapping at your curiosity will continue until you take notice. You’ll keep dragging along a friend to a psychic or medium to check they tell your friend something different, because each time you go ‘just out of curiosity’ they always mention your psychic or healing ability is there ~ waiting to be discovered.

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