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The Shadow Self

I have an amazing friend she is someone I’ve known since early childhood we started school together. I remember the day she arrived, later than everyone else. Her family had been away, her father posted abroad in a remote part of Africa. Since that day we have seen childhood pass into adult years and the arrival of our own children.

Her father has been very ill in recent years and required urgent medical help. I offered as friends do, to look after her young children when her father was due in hospital which he needed to do twice a week. This overstretched mum worrying about her dad’s health and her mother’s incapacity as a result of an unfortunate accident. She was amazed to the point of tears I would look after her young children to help her. I found this highly confusing. Why on earth would I not offer to help a friend in need?

Most people are scared of their own shadow. It is the part of us reflected back to us in other people. The overwhelming kindness shown to us in times of trouble by friends and family or the other extreme such as the rudeness of people waiting to barge us out the way in the supermarket queue. My friend was blown away that someone in her eyes would be so kind. Her reluctance to accept my help was only her shadow; nervous to accept kindness. Do I deserve it? I heard her sub-conscious cry. Of course you deserve it you daft woman!

Our lives reflect our thoughts. It may seem harsh at times but if you search deep enough you’ll find the reflection. The part of you that barges in supermarket queues, when the old lady behind you has so many important things to do rams her trolley into the back of your legs, ask yourself; when am I too busy? When do I try and hurry something that doesn’t want to be hurried? The answer will come.

The shadow self of my friend has a different guise. It’s terrified of her own kindness to the extent it finds it very difficult to accept the kindness of others. She did eventually accept my gesture, perhaps because I have learnt to embrace my shadow more often. I accept all kind offers gracefully. It is something I have learnt over the years to do, I haven’t found it easy.

So where in your life does the shadow self speak? Are you afraid of it? If it were an animal what would it be? What does it say to you? Listen carefully it will give you a very helpful understanding of yourself. As for old ladies in supermarket queues, I avoid them…

Article ©2015

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