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Entity Release

The first time I saw an entity attached to someone’s energy field I was rather startled to see a funny looking gargoyle thing stuck to their back. I’m not one for imagining things so I looked away and looked back to see again. It was still there!

Many people ask me about entities and whether they really exist. It is my belief they do but are a manifestation of blocked emotions that gather enough energy to become a physical form rather than the devil itself. In short, entities are people’s little demons that suck on their energy field, the intrusion created by the unconscious and its interaction with the energy fields around them. These entities will attach themselves to us, usually promising some aspect of ourselves comfort in exchange for living vicariously through us. They often feed on addictions of various types, be they for substances or people.

It is always of benefit to release these energies to be free of their influence. Bear in mind you can only release your own entities not those of other people because you are responding to an aspect of the self (although unconscious) therefore you are releasing the agreements you have made yourself with the consciousness of the entity. You are not entitled to release the agreements of other people.

Now; it is not the case you are wandering around with a funny looking gargoyle stuck to your back, the person I am referring to was taking drugs on regular occasions and their energy field had been blown open to attract in such a manifestation of their emotions but you maybe experiencing some aspects of energy interruption.

Recognising Entities ~ Old emotions sticking?

Some of the signs:-
Feeling as though something else is present most of the time.
Unexplained feelings of resistance. Not doing something although you know it’s best for you.
Continued fixation on something or someone beyond a timeframe that’s reasonable an example would be a relationship past its sell-by-date.
Feeling energetically exhausted for no apparent reason.
Needing certain people around you (as an adult) in order to feel secure.

In the case of the person with the gargoyle, they asked me to assist them, not I must add with the gargoyle as I didn’t tell them about it because I’m sure they would insist I was potty! I helped them with other aspects of their life where they were trying to wrestle an understanding of themselves. I saw them again a few weeks later, this time no sign of the gargoyle.

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