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The Emotional Pain Body – The Psychic Vampire

We all have an ‘emotional pain body’. It’s part of the human experience, what we learn from. For some people though, this part of the personality can become overbearing and overwhelming.

Particularly sensitive people like you, those who are sensitive to the energy of others will often sense the ‘emotional pain body’ of another human really quite easily. Sometimes we call this intuition, other times we think it is part of our imagination. Perhaps you’ve experienced it? The times you’ve felt fine, on top of the world even, then to feel your emotions have crashed into a place you do not recognise. The common denominator just seems to be certain environments or people.

A woman recently told me about how she was really quite a happy person. She’d worked hard on her emotions, her ‘emotional pain body’, for many years. She had worked to understand the complexities of her emotions and to settle many things. In the process she’d become increasingly psychic and hugely perceptive. She told me about how sometimes she would wake up in the morning with strange anxieties. When she would get to work, the anxieties became more exaggerated and were increasingly about things that really didn’t concern or bother her. After a while she began to realise the anxieties she was experiencing at the beginning of the day were issues she would later find concerned work colleagues and their worries. These worries clearly did not belong to her!

It is clear from such stories that emotions are a very strong energy. They can travel most certainly, and will undoubtedly enter the psyche of those who can pick up easily on these energy fields. Much of the time we see them as our own, therefore it is important as your own energy becomes more and more perceptive, that you recognise your own changes so your energy can easily perceive when something is emanating from a different person. Sometimes that person is silently screaming for help or assistance, other times it is to be left alone. This is why you will find as you grow within your own vibration your irritation with negativity becomes impossible to hide. Sometimes your friendships change, those who were superficial associates move away and you find time for those closest to you. Any game playing you have low tolerance for, you increasingly notice manipulations and wish to move away from them. For some people relationships change or you find yourself breaking away from what doesn’t work. All signs you are growing within, happy in your own skin…

For the woman in the office, she found generally a lot of relationships around her changing. Mostly, that she has a better understanding of people, how they operate and why some people behave in the way that they do. She has learnt from her deepening psychic skills, that she judges people less, accepts them for who they are and feels a great deal of peace in the fact, whatever people do or say often isn’t personal. It’s the result of how they deal with their internal world and project it into their external reality. She feels therefore, she has gained valuable insight into the mechanisms and complications of the human psyche…

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