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Business project

Heidi provides her consultation service to small businesses through to large corporations. The session will identify weakness in the business, the people involved and simple alterations by which the business could improve dramatically.

Heidi’s intuitive abilities can uncover remarkable insights to the business and reveal ways to move the business forward. Some events are unforeseeable as all the elements may not yet be in their place but often these parts may be revealed at this consultation releasing the full potential in the market place.

A good reading will confirm what you are already aware of, provide understanding of where the business is now and provide insights on direction. This should show you direction and clarity, how to remove obstacles, find new solutions and show how the business can move forward.

What to expect from your consultation

Part 1 Heidi will look at your Archetypes, this part of the reading will reveal where your business is right now, your life purpose in the business, and the areas you need to work on.

Part 2 Heidi will look at your Life Code and those of people who are important to the business and have caused you the most challenges. This information is then applied to The Tree of Life for a very detailed exploration. This way of looking at things is very powerful, it has been known to completely transform events or situations that may have caused you problems or dismay in the past. It is best to stick to people who are particularly challenging in the business or key members of staff.

Part 3 Psychic Reading. For this section you should ask about what areas are the most important in our business at the moment, for instance: relationships, markets, direction, a project or a particular challenge. Make a brief list of these areas. If you have a relationship question for instance, such as a business partner or competitor, Heidi may ask you the first name of the individual, how long you have known them and what it is you want her to look at as far as they are concerned. She does not look into areas you are uncomfortable with. Heidi is known for her very clear honesty, saying what she sees and not what you might want to hear.

Heidi will ask you to read out this list, she will start with the strongest energy. She may ask you to read this out at the beginning of your session rather than towards the end. If necessary she can then include some of the above sections within what you are asking for this part of your Life Plan.

Part 4 Your Life Plan session will conclude with any questions you may have, and Heidi will go through any recommendations that surface during the session.

Part 5 Your Business Project will be mailed to you for future reference

Psychic Reading

How to book

To make an appointment telephone:
0845 331 3494
(local call rate number for UK Only).

International callers:
44 (0)1992 531 284
Office opening times to make appointments:
Monday to Friday; 8:30am-5:30pm GMT
NO PHONE CALL CHARGES FOR THE READING (landline phones only, mobile carries a £5 additional charge)

Please note Heidi works off UK time/GMT.

Circle members benefit from a 20% discount on CPD products and services. If you are already a member please mention this at time of booking. To find out more about joining Heidi’s Circle click here.

How to prepare for an appointment

To maximise your time with Heidi, you will be asked to write a list of all the areas in your life you want covered. At the beginning of your session she will ask you to read the list. She then starts to connect with the area of the strongest energy.

Heidi offers a very straight forward, direct approach and practical knowledge that will help you understand a way forward.

Appointments with Heidi are very popular and you may be asked to wait to receive details of an appointment time.

Remember, there is no charge for the landline telephone call for readings, even on international calls, we telephone you. If Heidi is to call a mobile/cell, then there is simply a charge of £5.