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Overcoming Blocks to Psychic Development

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This episode of Psychic T.V. was considered to be ‘the best ever’ by many of the psychic circle members after its initial broadcast. Heidi, once again, explains simply yet in depth the different ‘Clairs’ of the psychic world and explains how being clairaudient is especially important for mediumship. There is also a reference to blocks in mediumship and psychic development that one confronts and how to overcome them. She also explains how to discern between your voice and that of the psychic world via the solar plexus and meditation.

Many are perplexed by the term psychic, skeptical of it whilst others see it as a mystical journey. Heidi calms any opposing thoughts that any budding psychic experiences for she explains how being psychic enhances one’s life and how it truly is the essence of life as it removes panic and fear. She moves on to inform of the differences between a psychic and a medium, why psychics see the future and not mediums and why developing intuition is one of the most natural stages of the soul’s progress.

Addressing the first of the many Institute of Psychic Development’s forum member’s questions, Heidi goes into trust and its importance of releasing doubt in any psychic development stage and how logic always steps in to challenge intuition. Tips are given so as to overcome logic’s overwhelming hindrance to any development.

Lastly in the first part of this show on Overcoming Psychic Development Problems, Heidi refers to past lives and how they influence psychic development.Objectively she informs the viewers that it is not always necessary to ‘believe’ in all spiritual subjects, such as past lives, for it is of the utmost importance to choose what resonates with the soul for any psychic to develop successfully.

Finally ,the chakras are also addressed and a clear correlation between them and any physical challenges are explained. Heidi helps one to understand that the nervous system is indeed part of the Chakral System.

All this in only the first part of Overcoming Psychic Development.

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